Welcome to
SamVera Restaurant

The extensive world class wine list, 'Chefs daily specialties', a comfortable cocktail lounge and an exquisite, antique enhanced dining room, with open air terraces, dazzling appointments and soft music filtering through this 'casual but classy' retreat. You will love the candlelight, fresh flowers and breath-taking private party rooms, perfect for dinner parties, business meetings, rehearsal dinners or small dramatic weddings.

It is apparent, that this exceptional combination attracts a very chic crowd, in addition to many area celebrities, that desire food prepared and served with gusto. A tasting by the chefs, proved that they can transport you to the land of beautifully prepared and international reasonably priced dishes, where the emphasis is on freshness of ingredients, a beautifully designed plate, large portions and originality.

The home breads and fascinating homemade desserts add to the magic on the broad menu, that has already become a favorite of the 'beautiful people' that live or visit the area. The Veal Chop Milanese Carpricciosa, the Bass Marechiare, the Zuppa Di Pesce, the Double Cut Veal Chop, and the Grilled Salmon, are all stars on a magnificent menu. The 'Food's the Thing' here and folks have clamored for more of Steve's wonderful dining drama since his opening just a few mongths ago.